Neuro Science  
Engaging The "Neurorevolution"
suparna Today, few developments in the world of science and technology would seem to draw comparable degrees of attention, commentary and sheer excitement as the neurosciences. Enthusiastic support for the advent of a brave new neuroworld have become familiar; institutions, journals and entire sub-disciplines - neuroeconomics, neuroethics or neuroaesthetics, for instance - have long begun to grow alongside the laboratories of neuroscience, launched to explore the implications or simply to reinvent themselves on the basis of the new, neuroscientific wisdom.

From psychology, psychiatry, and psychoanalysis to the less likely candidates such as anthropology, literature studies and art history, there is no dearth of analyses which see each of these soon reduced to (or enlightened by) the sciences of the brain. In recent years however, a growing set of alarmist claims about “threats” to authenticity, privacy and society, or diagnoses about “neoliberal” or capitalist affinities have, too, become familiar.

Running through the research of Critical Neuroscience, is the aim to problematize the discourse. Our project is not meant as a remedy of (still more) interdisciplinary dialogue and platforms; rather the aim is to probe the extent to which discourses engendering neuroscience do match neuroscience's real world effects.