Neuro Science  

Engaging the “neurorevolution”

Today, few developments in the world of science and technology would seem to draw comparable degrees of attention, commentary and sheer excitement as the neurosciences. Enthusiastic support for the advent of a brave new neuroworld have become familiar; institutions, journals and entire sub-disciplines - neuroeconomics, neuroethics or neuroaesthetics, for instance - have long begun to grow ...


Constructions of the brain

Human diversity – in terms of gender, age and culture – is becoming an increasingly central question for cognitive neuroscience. Taking particular case studies we are exploring the many contingencies of the social categories being naturalized through imaging experiments. The historical dimension of the project traces how these categories have come to be understood as they are in neuroscience...


Neuroscience, Human Nature
and Self Understanding

To what extent does knowledge from neuroscience and its appropriations in other discourses and practices shape our understanding of what it means to be a human being? This philosophical project starts from the assumption that humans are both self-interpreting and self-defining animals.



Cognitive function and brain development have become important targets for governments to act upon, in the name of public health and economic prosperity. We are analyzing the interactions between neuroscience and its political contexts. One hypothesis we are exploring is that structural changes in contemporary capitalism – changes toward flexible ...